Solutions for the global automation standard KNX



Eelectron, KNX Home & Building Automation System


KNX Actuators for blinds and motors
KNX Thermoregulation HVAC
Hotel building automation system: access control
Lightning management KNX DALI
Motion and presence sensore KNX
Systems for access control KNX
Devices for weather sensors KNX


KNX Smart Home systems and accessories
KNX Building automation and control systems
KNX 16-channel actuators
Universal Dimmer KNX 2 or 4 channel
Domotic systems for thermoregulation HVAC
Supervision systems KNX
Domotic systems for roller shutter- automation
KNX bus power supplies
Beacon gateway sensor KNX Otomo
KNX Transponder reader
KNX Touch panels
Eelectra® MiniPad KNX
Home automation touch panel
Custom home automation systems
KNX server for Home & Building automation
Dali knx interface
KNX Multisensor for indoor environment
KNX programming
KNX CO2 Sensor for Humidity and Temperature
KNX Touch Thermostat
Universal KNX Fancoil Controller 0-10 V
KNX Gateway DALI for Domotic installations
Knx 24-channel Actuator
Knx 8-channel Actuator
KNX Astronomical clock
KNX Weather Station with external probe
Hotel Domotics for the automation of rooms
KNX Universal Interfaces
Sensor KNX lighting control
KNX capacitive buttons
BIM data management
KNX Building air quality sensor
Switch home automation
KNX binary outputs
Control loading system
Home electrical automation systems
KNX Actuators
KNX presence detector
KNX 12 channel actuators
KNX 4 channel actuators
KNX raspberry interface
Automated load control systems
Thermostat / Humidistat KNX
Fan coil actuator KNX
KNX line coupler
Restaurant automation system
Energy saving solutions for hotels
Industrial automation systems
Hotel room automation system
Knx smart building automation technology
Lighting control systems for homes
Energy saving buildings
Ambient co2 sensor
Home automation multisensor controller: KNX Device
KNX protocol home automation
Access control software
Automated hotel management system
Product presence sensor
True presence multisensor knx
Automated blind system
Smart home automation system
KNX button
KNX multi sensor
Automated heating systems
Automated home systems
Automated hotel check in
Lighting control systems for buildings
Smart building system
Building automation hotel
Hotel access control
Room automation systems for hotels
Automated door systems
Smart building indoor lighting control
KNX Training online
Automated building controls: KNX solution
Room temperature controller knx
Office lighting control systems