KNX IP Interface secure


The KNX IP Interface IN00S01IPI is a compact interface used to connect a PC to the KNX network.
The connection is made through LAN (IP). Power is supplied via the KNX bus.
The IP address can be obtained by a DHCP server or by manual configuration (ETS®) respectively. This device works according to the KNXnet/IP specification using the core, the device management and the tunneling part.
The device supports KNX Security which can be enabled in ETS. With its interface functionality (tunneling) KNX security prevents from unauthorized access.
The buttons are for diagnostic purposes. The LEDs indicate the operating status and communication errors on the bus.

The system component & interfaces Eelectron, developed on KNX protocol, are intelligent custom home automation systems for automation and energy saving in buildings; the product range with Made in Italy is designed for residential, hotel and building applications.

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