Beacon gateway sensor KNX



IN00A01BLE, OTOMO-KNX GATEWAY, is a built-in KNX device that acts as a two-way gateway between the KNX bus and the OTOMO Bluetooth® mesh;

it includes 2 analog inputs for the connection of a BT01A01OTO temperature and brightness probe and a 10A – 230V relay with dry contacts.

The two-way communication between the two systems allows to introduce in KNX installations the advantages of the typical functions of an OTOMO system such as the presence detection – via Mobile App and Beacon – of a user in an environment or the opportunity to transfer information, commands, states between one system and the other.

The product includes a thermostat module capable of managing 2 stages with integrated PI controller for the control of heating and cooling equipment, valves, 2 and 4-pipe fan coils, etc.

The KNX wireless systems Eelectron, developed on KNX protocol, are intelligent custom home automation systems for automation and energy saving in buildings; the product range with Made in Italy  is designed for residential, hotel and building applications.

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