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KNX Touch panel

KNX Touch panel


knx touch panel



3025 – KNX TOUCH PANEL 3,5″

The knx touch panel is equipped with a 3,5 inches coloured display; dimming, status, values, lighting, shutters and timers are controlled and password protected when needed.

Using the embedded temperature sensor and the embedded room temperature controller function is possible to manage valves, fancoil or other HVAC equipments. RGB coloured Led or lights are controlled with dedicated control elements and a proper KNX interface (DMX, 1-10V and DALI available);

The knx touch switch includes a number of pre-programmed logic including control of electrical loads with automatic power-off priority, (this feature is available in combination with eelectron KNX power measuring device).

Available in various colours and finishes is based on Linux OS but can be programmed using only ETS without any additional SW.

Device is equipped with KNX communication interface.

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The supervision systems KNX Eelectron, developed on KNX protocol, are intelligent custom home automation systems for automation and energy saving in buildings; the product range with Made in Italy design and production is designed for residential, hotel and building applications.

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