Solutions for the global automation standard KNX

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KNX 12-channel actuators

KNX 12-channel actuators



Universal DIN module 12 OUT Plus

The device BO12F01KNX is a DIN rail EIB / KNX actuator with 12 relay outputs (12 x 16A – 230V AC) that can be configured as:

–  12 outputs for light / load control
–  12 channels for valve in PWM (solenoid actuators)
–  6 channels for roller shutter / venetian control
–  6 channels for 3-point valve control
–  3 fan coil actuators 2-pipes / 2 fan coil actuators 4-pipes /

It is also possible to combine 2 or 3 relays with logic interlock for 4-pipe / 3-speed fan coil control or combine groups of relays (up to 6) for special function using logic interlock.

The device includes manual buttons for switching local relays and LEDs for operation indication.

The version BO12F01KNX-SD  includes a microSD card reader where you can save the programming of the device, giving it the possibility to be restored on an identical device in order to avoid programming in field or to allow a fast repair in case of failure.


The domotic systems for thermoregulation HVAC Eelectron, developed on KNX protocol, are intelligent custom home automation systems for automation and energy saving in buildings; the product range with Made in Italy design and production is designed for residential, hotel and building applications.

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