Solutions for the global automation standard KNX

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OL-U KNX humidistat – Metal Edition

OL-U KNX humidistat – Metal Edition



The Metal Edition includes finishes for the buttons and frames in metal

The HO04A01KNX  environmental sensors is a device of the OL-U® KNX® series for wall installation and feature an LCD display with adjustable backlighting.
The device can be configured via the ETS® application program and can communicate with the KNX Data Secure protocol.

The device integrates temperature sensor and humidity sensors, two 2-stage thermostats for the control of two distinct areas, both with integrated PI controller for piloting heating, cooling, valves, 6-way valves, fan coils 2 and 4 pipes.

The humidity sensor manages the reading of the relative humidity in the environment and allows threshold control with hysteresis of humidification and dehumidification devices.

The device is equipped with 4 mechanical buttons (8 channels) for managing on/off commands, dimmers, rolling shutters and venetian blinds, or other programmable command and control functions.
On the front side there is a capacitive bar with swipe function for the implementation of programmable KNX functions.
A freely configurable RGB Led bar is also available for displaying states or other quantities available on the KNX bus. Moreover, 32 logic blocks are available to implement simple expressions with logical or threshold operator or complex expressions with algebraic and conditional operators;
It is possible to use predefined algorithms as proportional controls of temperature and humidity or dew point calculation.

The device also integrates the “Virtual Holder Logic”; the field of application is the hotel room: through a magnetic sensor installed on the door and connected to a digital input, accurate presence information is managed.
The presence detection solution can deduce the presence of people in the room using one or more dedicated sensors.
It also detects an unexpected presence and is able to differentiate more behaviors.

The OL-U® KNX® series is available in various colors and can be installed on a 2 or 3 module box and is compatible with the main standards (Italian, German, English, Swiss).