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KNX Bridge With IP Interface And Power Supply KNX + AUX 640ma – KNX Secure, E-Lock-IF

KNX Bridge With IP Interface And Power Supply KNX + AUX 640ma – KNX Secure, E-Lock-IF



The IPSBA03KNX device integrates a KNX power supply with auxiliary output with a a total current of 640mA, and an IP interface, allowing KNX installations to be implemented quickly and efficiently.

The voltage of the bus output as well as that of the auxiliary output is 29V DC.

The IP address can be obtained via DHCP server or manually configured via ETS®.

The device works in accordance with the KNXnet / IP specifications; up to 5 different IP addresses can be assigned. The device is also a KNX bus node, with its own application program and can be configured with ETS® to communicate using KNX Data Secure protocol.

By enabling the ETS “Other power supplies on the BUS line” parameter, it is possible to install two devices on the same bus line, at a minimum distance of 200 metres.

The bridge also has an input for wiring an inRoomNode (IRN) module for wireless control of SALTO® locks.

Moreover, 48 logic blocks are available to implement simple expressions with logical or threshold operator or complex expressions with algebraic and conditional operators; It is possible to use predefined algorithms as proportional controls of temperature and humidity or dew point calculation.

The device also integrates the “Virtual Holder Logic”; the field of application is the hotel room: through a magnetic sensor installed on the door and connected to a digital input, accurate presence information is managed. The presence detection solution can deduce the presence of people in the room using one or more dedicated sensors. It also detects an unexpected presence and is able to differentiate more behaviors.

It is also implemented the control logic called “Surveillance” that checks if KNX TP devices (up to 128) of the subnet connected to the power supply are operating “On Line”, alerting the backbone if one of them goes into “Off Line” status.

On the device there are pushbuttons and signaling LEDs for bus reset operations as well as for Factory Reset or for displaying activity on the KNX bus and on the IP backbone. There is also a test button for the simulation of the opening/closing of the locks.